Trouble on Lineland

It’s all go on the internetwork this morning

Things are starting to move at Lineland “work” station

Danny the desktop is having his buttons pushed


Cuthbert the cursor is flashing like mad

Tut-tut, Cuthbert, not very PC that!

Gerald the gay icon – he who once dared not hide his light – is a dim shadow of his former glory

Poor Gerald!

Percy, the persistent signaller,

With the flick of the wrist at Gerald

Summons Sammy the Search Engine

Kevin the keyboard is loading up Sammy with hate-mail

Naughty Kevin!

On the command of “Enter” Percy stands up

And with a rude gesture, waves Sammy out of Lineland “work” station

And out onto the internetwork

But what’s this?

Sammy has bypassed the platform at Sugar Hill

And been diverted to the Dark Web

He’s been hacked and forced to carry hard porn, guns and drugs

Oh no! Sammy is going to be “booked”

Not to worry though, the network owner would sell his mother down the river for a cut of the profits

But who is behind all these shenanigans?

Well, I never!

There is much anticipation at Lineland “work” station:

Hard core for Percy

Uppers for Gerald

Guns for Kevin

But what’s this?

Sammy is downloading a load of fake news

Oh Dear! What a muddle!

Never mind, here comes the Fact-Controller to sort things out.

By Don Trubshaw

Don Trubshaw is a co-founder of the website Societal Values. He has a PhD in the philosophy and sociology of education and teaches in Higher Education.

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