Disparage the Farage!

It was some weeks since Ziggy had been out for a drink with his friend Zara (aka Zarathustra, the postmodern-day prophet of renown) and he had been looking forward to indulging in some stimulating discussion about their favourite topic, namely the foibles and failings of celebrities (particularly of the political variety) who had been in… Continue reading Disparage the Farage!

Hurtling to Oblivion

Captain’s log Stardate 76342.1; We are proceeding through the Orion nebula system, having just emerged from warp drive. The crew are in good spirits and looking forward to the festive season; The crew are putting up the seasonal lights and streamers in the bridge, much to Spock’s consternation…. Cap’n, ye have tae see this. A… Continue reading Hurtling to Oblivion

Top Trumps

The next people  to face the Dragon’s Breath are a young man from Swindon [pause for sneer], called Bobbie and a young woman from Middlesbrough called Al – he’s the one with the spiky red hair and the nose-ring and she’s the one with the forked beard and the wooden leg, just in case…. Together… Continue reading Top Trumps

The Stars at Night: Music of the Spheres

HelloandwelcometoanotherepisodeofStarsatNightwithmePatrickMoore. ThethemefortonightsshowisTheMusicoftheSpheres. NowImmoreofaBeethovenfanmyself, butmyfirstguestthiseveningisrathernimblefingeredonthe-elec-tric-gui-tar, aswellasanaccomplishedastronomerandagoodfriend, Brian May HeLLO GLAS…tonbury….good to be here, Patrick. Not just a friend, You’re my best friend NowtheBBCinitsinfinitewisdom has decreed thatasaconditionofnotlaunchinganasteroidattheshow, wemusthavegreaterdiversity. SoIwouldliketowelcometotheshow, theresidentastrologerofthesun, The-Sun-news-paper that is, Mystic Meg It’s a blessing to be here, Patrick NowMeg – DoIcallyouMegorMystic – what do you make of the BBC’s decision to ban any… Continue reading The Stars at Night: Music of the Spheres

Lexicon for the Lockdown

Advisor – 1. Someone to give you advice from behind a plexiglass screen; 2. also, the type of facial covering that make you look like a bottled head. Antibacterial – a treatment for the complaint known as skin. Bugle smudger (see Mask) – The facial equivalent of the budgie smuggler; a device to render the… Continue reading Lexicon for the Lockdown

The Neoiconoclasts Are Coming. Be Afraid! Be Very Afraid!!


Trigger warning: The following article from our sketch writer contains information about extremist views which some readers may find upsetting and offensive. Those of a sensitive disposition are advised to avoid reading further. As we increasingly hear talk about our entering into a post-truth world where the consensus about  what is reasonable and acceptable behaviour is being… Continue reading The Neoiconoclasts Are Coming. Be Afraid! Be Very Afraid!!