The Stars at Night: Music of the Spheres

HelloandwelcometoanotherepisodeofStarsatNightwithmePatrickMoore. ThethemefortonightsshowisTheMusicoftheSpheres. NowImmoreofaBeethovenfanmyself, butmyfirstguestthiseveningisrathernimblefingeredonthe-elec-tric-gui-tar, aswellasanaccomplishedastronomerandagoodfriend, Brian May

HeLLO GLAS…tonbury….good to be here, Patrick. Not just a friend, You’re my best friend

NowtheBBCinitsinfinitewisdom has decreed thatasaconditionofnotlaunchinganasteroidattheshow, wemusthavegreaterdiversity. SoIwouldliketowelcometotheshow, theresidentastrologerofthesun, The-Sun-news-paper that is, Mystic Meg

It’s a blessing to be here, Patrick

NowMeg – DoIcallyouMegorMystic – what do you make of the BBC’s decision to ban any mention of “the Red Planet” by name?

Meg will do. Well, I quite understand from the corporation’s view that M-A-R-S as the god of war embodies toxic masculinity. However, the disappearance of the planet throws casting horoscopes into complete disarray.

Indeeditthrowsastronomyintocompletedisarray – andthreatensthefutureoftheshow

No, the show must go on

Afewyearsago we already lost Pluto – afitofinattentionequallingthatinwhichwelosttheempire

Another one bites the dust

Itseemsthatastheuniversedoublesinsizeeverytwoyears, thesumofhumanintelligenceshrinksbyhalf.

Yes, it’s a hard life.

I’m thinkingofcallingit Moore’s Law. Brian, perhapsyoudliketoupdateus on the eclipse of Mercury

Well, nothing or nobody of course will ever eclipse Freddie’s contribution to the band. But the new stand-in singer is good for all that. But while we’ve been off the road, I’ve been working on a more accurate measure of radial velocities in the Zodiacal Dust Cloud…

Sorry, Brian, let me stop you there. Meg?

Don’t stop me now

Meg, are we reallytobelieveinthetwentyfirstcentury that our destinyisinthestars?

The alignment of the stars influences all our lives. Patrick, can I ask your view on the coming conjunction of Venus and Uranus?

Heaven for everyone. Patrick, your monocle has rolled under the chair.

By Don Trubshaw

Don Trubshaw is a co-founder of the website Societal Values. He has a PhD in the philosophy and sociology of education and teaches in Higher Education.

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