The Stars at Night: Music of the Spheres

HelloandwelcometoanotherepisodeofStarsatNightwithmePatrickMoore. ThethemefortonightsshowisTheMusicoftheSpheres. NowImmoreofaBeethovenfanmyself, butmyfirstguestthiseveningisrathernimblefingeredonthe-elec-tric-gui-tar, aswellasanaccomplishedastronomerandagoodfriend, Brian May HeLLO GLAS…tonbury….good to be here, Patrick. Not just a friend, You’re my best friend NowtheBBCinitsinfinitewisdom has decreed thatasaconditionofnotlaunchinganasteroidattheshow, wemusthavegreaterdiversity. SoIwouldliketowelcometotheshow, theresidentastrologerofthesun, The-Sun-news-paper that is, Mystic Meg It’s a blessing to be here, Patrick NowMeg – DoIcallyouMegorMystic – what do you make of the BBC’s decision to ban any… Continue reading The Stars at Night: Music of the Spheres

The Return of Zarathustra

Thus Spake Zarathustra

After several months and years in the solitude of his cave, waiting like a sower who hath scattered his seed, Zarathustra’s soul became impatient and full of longing for those whom he loved; his wisdom meanwhile increased, and caused him pain by its abundance. Then one morning, he awoke ere the rosy dawn, and in… Continue reading The Return of Zarathustra

Lexicon for the Moral Maze

Do you find yourself confused or bewildered by what passes for moral debate in the social milieu these days? Asking yourself why so many people seem to be so hot under the collar about things that would have passed as normal behaviour only a few years ago? Don’t worry. It’s a common problem people have… Continue reading Lexicon for the Moral Maze

The Neoiconoclasts Are Coming. Be Afraid! Be Very Afraid!!

Trigger warning: The following article from our sketch writer contains information about extremist views which some readers may find upsetting and offensive. Those of a sensitive disposition are advised to avoid reading further. As we increasingly hear talk about our entering into a post-truth world where the consensus about  what is reasonable and acceptable behaviour is being… Continue reading The Neoiconoclasts Are Coming. Be Afraid! Be Very Afraid!!

Alternative facts about a recent football match

A short piece from our sports sketch writer. The fixture last week between Liverpool and Tottenham was much looked forward to by both sides as a clash between the Titans of the north and the south. The risk is always high, particularly post-Brexit, when sporting events seek to span the cultural divide which nowadays exists between the… Continue reading Alternative facts about a recent football match