Articles by Colin Turfus

Partygate: Where Will It All End?

“Ziggy appears to be in surprisingly ebullient mood tonight,” thought Zara as he perused his friend’s countenance over the top of his pint glass. This…

Is “Positive Action” a Legitimate Means to an End?

It is often stated that so-called “positive action” aimed at righting historical injustices is permitted and indeed encouraged under UK law. But how true is this in reality? And is the use of such justifiable as a means of pursuing the end of diversity and inclusion targets?

The Quest for Social Justice?

The notion of “social justice” has been transformed and weaponised in recent years by proponents of applied postmodernism making use of a category mismatch between the political and moral realms. An understanding of their tactics and methods is needed to counteract the sleight-of-hand that is thus being deployed.

The Culture Wars and the “Right to Offend”

We live in the era of the Culture Wars and identity politics, fuelled by the absence of objective standards of truth and evaluation. What can be done to address the problem and rebuild the foundations on which civilised debate can be conducted?

Woke History of the UK

There is much controversy these days about what constitutes an authentic portrayal of the broad sweep of UK history. So it was that on one…

Can Two Wrongs Make a Right?

“So what do you say, Zara?” Ziggy asked his friend. “Can two wrongs make a right?” The answer came back immediately. “To ask the question…