Universal Values in the Postmodern Era

The pursuit of universal values has a a long history as humans have sought a basis for a harmonious, shared life. But there is a danger that in striving to establish universal values, the perfect becomes the
enemy of the good. Perhaps we need to resist this temptation and acknowledge instead the context-dependence of all valuing.

The Culture Wars and the “Right to Offend”

We live in the era of the Culture Wars and identity politics, fuelled by the absence of objective standards of truth and evaluation. What can be done to address the problem and rebuild the foundations on which civilised debate can be conducted?

Can Two Wrongs Make a Right?

“So what do you say, Zara?” Ziggy asked his friend. “Can two wrongs make a right?” The answer came back immediately. “To ask the question…

The Return of Zarathustra

After several months and years in the solitude of his cave, waiting like a sower who hath scattered his seed, Zarathustra’s soul became impatient and…

Has the postmodern revolution gone full circle?

Happily, the inconsistency and incoherence of the postmodernist perspective is increasingly being challenged by a new generation of thinkers from across the political spectrum. For example Ken Wilber in his Trump and a Post-Truth World notes how postmodernism has played itself out and in attempting to create a new basis for determining truth has ultimately undermined it.